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The accepted cryptocurrency

The great Titus vision

Titus coin, based on the best blockchain technology is your future cash.

With the Titus Coins, merchants and customers will be linked together in a Titus Community where payments, whether they are large or microscopic, national or international, person to person, business to business, business to person or any other transaction are made instant, secure and simple.

Those individuals who are instrumental in building this Titus Community globally will be rewarded through a sophisticated and fair compensation plan. Everything around Titus is created to be transparent, secure and simple.


The Titus mission

Titus Coin shall become a global instrument for payments and transactions in a safe, instant and simple way. Titus shall build a community where Titus Coin users will receive the best possible offers from affiliated merchants, where Titus Community members will be rewarded for their effort to grow the use of the Titus Coin and to expand the Titus Community and where affiliated members will be able to benefit from the most efficient direct advertising tools ever built.

Based on a strong foundation of IT skills, international business experience and legal knowledge, Titus will become a new power factor in alternative payment methods and still be a bridge between conventional fiat money (like EUR, USD etc.) for the members.

The Salesforce

Titus Community

Titus Community is the salesforce spreading the technology which is used when payments with Titus Coins are done, but the company is not involved in the actual selling or trading of the Titus Coins.

The users of Titus Coin are joined in the Titus Community. Registration in Titus Community is free and even free members benefit from the great offers given by the affiliated merchants. For those who want to also receive a part of the cash discounts given to the company from affiliated merchants it is possible to become a paid member and by that receive commissions from all activities in the community.

The introduction of these memberships and their terms and conditions are presented as the services are introduced. As the number of affiliated merchants grow, the use of the Titus Coin will increase. Increased use of the coin will lead to a higher coin value, but it will also increase the bonuses paid to the members. As a result of the increased coin usage, Titus Community will be an increasingly larger cash-back solution as well.

Online Tools

Get a real-time overview of your customer base, earnings, purchases, recognition levels and much more!

Visual Representation

Our downline viewer gives you full control over your customer base.

Your own referral link

Get your own referral web address and hand it out to potential customers! We handle the systems for you - you just find your customers!

Recognition Levels

Receive great bonuses and recognition with our uniqe recognition level system.

Become a certified connector

Through our online education program, you can become a certified connecter and introduce merchants to Titus!

High Security

Log in to our secure website where all your information is protected.

Membership Packages

Members of Titus Community get access to several lines of products offered by affiliated third party suppliers.


Get access to specialist advice in cryptocurrency trading. A weekly newsletter is offered to the members who have purchased one of the product packages which includes this valuable product.


A software which is able to learn from constant input of trading signals as well as the experience of Mr. Rho, one of the real cryptocurrency specialists with a global reputation, and perform automatic trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. An expensive and sophisticated product made affordable and available for Titus Community members.


A high quality product line in the wellness and lifestyle products, food supplements and cosmetics. Titus Community members can enjoy discounts as well as the opportunity to generate an exciting business for themselves in a fast growing market.

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