The Titus Coin is the hub in the Titus Community

Titus Community members can purchase Titus Coins and spend them with the affiliated merchants, getting a bonus payment every time purchase are made with Titus Coin.

Members can also send value around the world, instantly, securely and anonymously.

Because of the affiliation with the Swedish VIP Coin Sparkassa/ Financial Union members can whenever they wish, sell coins back to the VIP Coin Sparkassa and receive EUR in their account based on the official Titus Coin value.Titus Coin is not a speculative currency, but the value of the coins is based on the real underlying EUR value held by the VIP Coin Sparkassa.

This discount is divided as follows

  • 50% is sent back to the members a bonus payments
  • 20% is added to the coin value
  • 30% is sent to the Titus Community to be used as operational funds
The Titus Community roll-out plan.
Stage 1 - completed.

50 Founder Members of the VIP Coin Sparkassa are the first to become Titus Community members and will be the base on which the Titus Community is built.

Stage 2 - In progress.

Introducing 4,950 Titan - Ambassador Members.

4950 people are invited to become TITAN - AMBASSADOR members in Titus Community. These 4950 ambassadors purchase 1,000 Titus Coins at the base price of 1.00 € per coin and will receive a recurring pay back from the company. The recurring payment is based on gross revenue. 15% of the company gross profit will be shared among the TITAN- AMBASSADOR members. All AMBASSADOR members will receive an e-Wallet and a MasterCard card from Fennas Finance Ltd.

Ambassador JR- Price

The Ambassador JR package are for those who are not in a position to secure an Ambassador position by paying 1,000€ for 1,000 Titus Coins.
An alternative for these are the Ambassador JR position where they may be able to secure a position for themselves and then upgrade to Ambassador later, but before the 4,950 Ambassador positions are sold.
The Ambassador JR purchase 200 Titus Coins at the base price of 1.00 € per coin.

Commission during Stage 2

In the Ambassador introduction stage a very simple commission schedule is introduced.
For directly sponsored Ambassadors and Ambassador JR the member receive a cash bonus equal to 15% of the purchase price.
For the next level (Product packages sold by the people a member has introduced) the member will get 10% of the purchase price.

Stage 3 - not yet commenced

Member packages ranging from 99 € to 1,599 € will be introduced together with a compensation plan consisting of both a binary and a unilevel payment structure.

Download the Titus Opportunity - Short Story in EnglishDownload Titus Opportunity - Short Story in Swedish