About us

Titus overall vision


Titus shall create a global community where individual security is the main task. By creating and establishing systems and services where manipulation, peeping, hacking, theft and ID abuse is minimized, we shall create financial opportunities and security for members all over the world.

Profits deriving from the use of Titus systems and services will be shared with the large group of users and members instead of being distributed to the world’s 1% richest people.

There are three main elements in the Titus Strategic plan:

  1. Titus Coin as a safe and easily available means of payment globally.
  2. Titus Talk as a secure platform for people to interact, in talk, videos, chats, but also when they will buy and sell products and services, split a bill, give a gift and everything else people may want to do in the future.
  3. Titus Community which is the army of people needed to build this global society of customers and community members which will make the Titus services a global phenomenon.

This is a huge undertaking and it will require hard work from a lot of people. Products and solutions will continuously be rolled out to bring us closer towards our vision. But the rewards are great and we will be an important part of a safer, profitable and more secure future.

This is our story

It all started in Sweden back in 2015 and to today Titus Community is present in over 75 countries. Titus Community S.L. is registered in Spain and is owned by Titus Invest S.L. also registered in Spain. Titus Invest S.L. is owned by a group of investors named Maddox based in the United Kingdom.

Titus Community is not only built on sophisticated technology but there are also many talented and committed people who work relentlessly to ensure that the expectations of the Independent Affiliates, Merchants, and Loyalty Customers are met.

The Mission of Titus Community is to offer Titus Loyalty to Merchants and Customers through a global network of trained Independent Affiliates.

Maxim Moneta App Development Manager

Maxim Moneta has a master of science degree from the University of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and Institute of Cybernetics at National University.

He is from Ukraine but has the last five years lived in Stockholm, Sweden, where he has been involved in several startup IT projects.

With his IT skills and the solid network of software developers and designers, Maxim is in a perfect position to guide the Titus project through all the hurdles and challenges on the way to create our vision - a global, secure and simple blockchain based payment system. The Titus Coin.

To create the Titus Coin world with all the apps and functions which are on the drawing board in the Titus development group, a strong project manager is necessary.

Maxim Moneta shall lead the team through all challenges and deliver state of the art technology to all members of the Ttus Community.

Angel Perez COO

Angel Perez was born in Paris by Spanish parents and showed entrepreneurial skills from an early age.

At a young age, he started his own transport company and moved over to the restaurant business where he learned the tricks of the trade for that business.
Having moved to Spain in the early 1990s he worked as a real estate salesman until he was hired as project manager for a company selling and renting Homecare products (wheelchairs, scooters, seating, and positioning systems) to allow consumers, disable and elderly people, to stay active in their homes and communities on the Costa del Sol.
Since 2010 he has been working in the international payment industry managing payment reporting procedures, customer support and Compliance.

Angel is a hands-on man with multilingual skills and a large working capacity.



Titus Community s.l. Is a 100% subsidiary to Titus Invest s.l.
Titus Community is the sales organisation in the Titus sphere.
The community affiliate model is essential in the creation of a global salesforce able to link online and offline merchants to the Titus world.

The linked companies will join Titus Community loyalty program and offer various discounts and cash backs. 30% of the profits from these services are used to operate Titus Community SL and profits are forwarded to Titus Invest SL.
50% of the income from linked merchants are distributed to community affiliates according to the bonus plan.
20% of the income from linked merchants are sent to the fund to be added to the account used to back the coin value.



Titus Invest SL is a holding company registered in Spain, holding the Intellectual Properties and 100% of the shares in Titus Community SL.
Titus Invest SL will continue to expand services and functions which may become available for Titus Community SL. The use of Titus Coin is a combination with other payment and financial services are one of the main areas of interest for the company.





To ensure the best possible service for all who wish to contact Titus Community SL, the company has set up a solid support service. Depending on the type of request you have, the support team will forward your request to the right person.

Email: support@titus.community