Titus Community Apps

The apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and from Google Play. They are initially in a basic version which are free of charge to download. However as of October 2018, advanced features will be added to the apps which will get the extension Pro.

Those who have bought a Product Pack containing a Pro app will get a one-time code in October 2018 to upgrade the app from basic to Pro.

Titus Wallet

The Titus Wallet will be your future wallet! You will be able to transfer Titus Coins and pay at affiliated Merchants. It is backed up and you can share accounts with eg. family members. An important feature is our partner Securenvoy. Securenvoy makes sure your Titus Wallet stays safe and secure thanks to its trademarked TokenlessĀ® Two-Factor-Authentication.

Titus App

Titus Community App is the center of communication for the Titus Community members. Latest updates, all slides, back office, events and personal notifications from the Community.

  • support via chat
  • new members enrolment via the application.

Titus Talk

Titus Talk is a secure communication suite for business and private purposes, direct phone to phone. Additional services from our roadmap will bring the communication and online work to a new level.


  1. Video call
  2. Voice call
  3. Contact synchronisation
  4. Secure login with Titus Global
  5. 2-factor authentication

Titus Talk Pro

  • Incognito mode - no one can see your online status until you allow
  • Additional encryption layer for your communication
  • Priority for bandwidth of your calls
  • Unlimited secure chat history
  • Accept payments via messages
  • Priority listing in the social media

Titus Meet

Webinar and conference client to stay with your community online on eye-contact wherever you are. Get a link and just click to get back to the Community.

Titus Loyalty

Become a member of the Titus Loyalty program - download the app and register. You can upgrade to become an affiliate any time.

Aragon Rift

The Aragon Rift is a GPS based augmented reality game. It's based on three important components.

  1. Hunt and collect Dragons. (GPS and AR)
  2. Find and collect chests and energy. (GPS and AR)
  3. Feed, play and evolve the dragons.

Each week your family will get a unique quest that includes collecting dragons, finding chests at locations and make purchase with Titus Coins. The Aragon Rift is one of the interactive marketing tools available for affiliated merchants.